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Electronic money institution GlobalNetint, UAB becomes Payswix, UAB

The electronic money institution GlobalNetint, UAB started the year 2022 with big changes – company rebranding. The new identity reflected the vigor of the institution and the development of new products. Company rebranding led to the change of the legal name to Payswix, UAB.

This year was extremely successful for the company – the team grew and strengthened, and the range of services expanded. The company currently employs around 30 people but hopes to expand the team to more than 45 employees by the end of this year. We also offer our customers new prepaid cards that facilitate everyday payments. The closest and very important service to which the whole team is dedicated is acquiring, which we plan to start already this fall.

The change of legal name will allow us to present ourselves as a fast-growing, progressive, and trusted financial institution. Payswix’s commitment to customers and partners remains the highest priority.

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