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Storing and sending funds have never been easier, so apply for your account now.

Get your IBAN account to conveniently store funds in one place and perform fast and smooth multi-currency transactions worldwide.

Account in Your Name

With a designated IBAN account, your customers will always know whom the payment came from and whom they are sending the funds to.

Faster Transfers

Skip the step of sending money primarily to the service provider’s bank account and send it directly to the recipient.

Your funds are secure with us

Have the full autonomy to control and track your funds 24/7/365. The system and procedures are fully transparent which allows you to always keep an eye on your balance, e-wallet, and transactions.

Multiple IBANS

Acquire multiple IBAN accounts depending on your preferences and purpose.

BATCH payments

Enjoy mass payout functionality and manage numerous payments with ease.

Multi-currency transfers

Send and receive international payments to and from more than 170 countries in 70+ currencies.