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E-commerce Payments

Unlock freedom for your customers to pay. Grow your business with universal and effortless payments by cards.

We provide card acquiring services that empower European merchants to accept card payments online, in a secure and cost-effective way.


Make your checkout experience seamless. Enable card payments supported by a world-class fraud management solution.

Subscriptions and Recurring Payments

Build long-term relationships with your customers. Maximize your revenue and collect your funds as you go.


Allow your players to deposit funds with instant confirmation. Increase your conversion through customer loyalty to global card brands.


Setup payment methods in 1-2-3 by choosing our free plugins for your hosted e-shop. Avoid integration by using our prebuild solutions for popular e-commerce platforms.

Direct Integration

Provide your customers with a unique experience by developing your services on top of our API. Connect your e-shop or other application with our gateway to initiate card payments, check transaction status, etc.


Our dashboard has been developed for advanced payments management experience;

Technologies and services are managed under requirements set by PCI standards;

To pay by card is simpler comparing to bank transfer;

It is easy to select the way how to start accepting payments by cards.


1% + 0.25 Eur

Fee (from) per transaction


It is technology that facilitates secure ecommerce payments between buyer and seller. Bank cards is the most popular and most common payment method in ecommerce.

Payment card transactions are processed instantly. Your customer will get payment confirmation right after card payment is authorized by customer’s bank and fraud checks are passed.

Your customers can pay by their card issued in any currency. We settle with the merchants in EUR. Following AML/TF regulation some of cards could not be accepted.

Merchant dashboard is provided for all merchant selling with payswix. Merchants can track all e-commerce transaction in the system, generate reports and monitor sales performance.

Merchant dashboard provides exhaustive information on transaction processing, allow merchants to initiate refunds. Funds movements could be tracked in Marchant account opened with payswix.

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