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How to protect your Payswix account

Online fraud has become an increasingly common occurrence these days. Hence, while Payswix considers your safety a top priority, it is also important to remember that how careful you are with your daily financial activities plays a big role in keeping your money safe.


 Double-check emails:

Always make sure that your received emails are from the real Payswix team. Scammers might use similar-looking addresses to trick you (for example, instead of “Payswix”, the email reads “Paysvix”).

 Be cautious:

Always look out for the requests for information that Payswix already has. We would never request details that could put your account at risk.

 Use strong passwords:

Create a tough-to-crack password that is at least 8-12 characters long and has a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols. Moreover, if you have given your login information to somebody or used the same password for several accounts, please change it.

 Sign out on public devices:

If you use your Payswix account on a public computer, remember to log out when you are done.

 Report suspicious activity:

If you use your Payswix account on a public computer, remember to log out when you are done.


 Click on unknown links:

Payswix only uses SMS service to verify your identity by sending you a One-Time Password. We will never ask you to verify your account by phone, email, or other means.

 Fall for urgent requests:

We will never ask you to rush payments, share sensitive information, or move your account somewhere else due to dangerous circumstances.

 Reuse passwords:

Your Payswix password should be unique, and not used anywhere else.

 Trust social media messages:

We only contact you through official channels, not random social media accounts.

 Follow unknown SMS instructions:

We only use SMS to send you One-Time Passwords.

 Share sensitive information:

Your account details must be kept only to yourself.

How to recognize and avoid fraud:

Recognizing and avoiding fraud is crucial in today's world, where scammers continuously develop new methods to deceive unsuspecting individuals. Here are the four most common methods employed by fraudsters to remember:

Individuals posing as investment brokers or managers may reach out to you, offering highly lucrative investment opportunities. These individuals commonly promote fictitious investments in cryptocurrency, securities, or precious metals like gold and silver, often leveraging economic concerns such as downturns or inflation to entice you into investing.

Once they have gained your trust, they typically start by requesting a small initial investment (ranging from 500 to 1000 EUR) into their supposed investment platform. As time passes, they may contact you again with false promises of high returns, encouraging you to invest more money. Sometimes, they even return a portion of the funds to maintain the illusion of legitimacy. Unfortunately, once victims realize they have been deceived, recovering lost funds is often extremely difficult.

Here are some simple steps to protect yourself from investment scams:

Sign out on public devices:

If you use your Payswix account on a public computer, remember to log out when you are done.

Do your research:

When investment brokers contact you, ask them for more information about the platform they represent. Check their website for license details to ensure they are operating legally. Look out for any negative reviews or bad press about the company.

Clarify investment terms:

Make sure you understand all the terms and conditions of the investment before committing any funds. Do not hesitate to ask questions until you are fully informed.

Fraud can happen to anyone, regardless of age or social status. Since fraudsters are always finding new ways to trick people, it is crucial to stay informed about the latest scams. Payswix suggests checking out fraud prevention tips from the Bank of Lithuania to learn how to protect yourself (

If you have come across any fraud or have any doubts, reach out to us right away at [email protected].   We are here to help!

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