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Payswix Global Outreach

On today’s column we are going to touch base on the availability of payswix services and places where it can be reached from. There have been numerous instances where professionals who run/own businesses find themselves wondering if their favorite Fintech is able to reach to the ends of the earth where their business is located and if also, they can enjoy these services. Say no more because I am here to tell you that payswix has a very wide global outreach so, no matter where you are, chances are; payswix is there as well.

Because payswix is incorporated in Europe, it is natural for one to assume that perhaps our services are only available and tailored for businesses incorporated inside Europe, wonder no more because even if you’re in the far-away island of Saint Vincent and Grenadines, or in Zambia in the heart of the African continent, or it could also be that you are in far-away Australia or New Zealand, I hereby confirm that payswix is able to provide you with our seamless solutions so you can enjoy the best payment services in the market without needing to be in Europe physically.

Location Based Services

The above sub-heading is not something that payswix can relate to. What am I trying to say, you ask; what am I trying to say is that payswix does not offer you a certain set of its service based on where you are located. We offer you all our services regardless of your location so whatever it is you wish to get from us, if you fall within the GEO risk appetite of payswix, we got you covered fully. What are the payswix GEO risk appetite you ask, kindly head on to to register an account for yourself and you are able to see if your country is listed among the acceptable jurisdictions on the drop-down. Want to hear a little secret? It likely will be on the list. If in the off chance it is not, please come back and check because we are always updating our risk assessment according to our regulatory requirements.


Are you outside of Europe and you often wonder if you can enjoy all the services of a top-notch payment provider; wonder no more because with payswix you are guaranteed that our services follow you everywhere you go and you get to enjoy quality services.

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