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Onboarding Procedure at Payswix

What Fintech should I bank with so that I can get good value for my money and to also enjoy top of the line services as I build my business? This is the question that many business owners/managers find themselves asking. It is natural that when you build your business, you often have the bugging question of who to bank with. Well, you came to the right stop so say no more, in this article you will read and understand how Payswix has been sent by the universe to solve all your payment problems while saving you money and giving you the best experience.

Account Registration and Compliance Review

At the start of this article, I mentioned the Speed of light. Yes, this is how fast Payswix can get your account up and running in no distant time. Our team of experienced KYC professionals are so good at what they do that once they receive a complete application, they must review and push it forward within 3 business days. Do you understand how fast this is? In the world of today where there are bureaucratic stops here and there in the payment system, Payswix has taken the time to create a seamless system that ensures the best timeframe for your onboarding which is why our shortest onboarding timeframes is one of the things we boast of.

What is a complete application? I am glad you asked. This is when you have initiated an application on payswix website, fill all the required information and then submit the application. The keyword here is submit because if it is not completed and submitted, our team would not be able to initiate the review.

Compliance Review and Approval

When our team has reviewed your submitted application and provided documents and everything looks good, this means it is passed on to final stage and can be actioned on the same day. Of course, bear in mind that we maintain all regulatory requirements and perform all due diligence. It is important to mention that once application has been submitted, you automatically get links sent to the email address of all key person(s) in the organization because we must identify them. How cool is that huh? You register and submit, then automatically get an email to verify your identity. This saves your time and you do not need to wait for a manual link to be emailed to you. See what I told you? Payswix has developed such a system that everything moves so fast while maintaining top notch UI.

Our team will action your submitted application in the shortest possible time and have you on your way to enjoying the services of one of the leading Fintech companies of our time.

Conclusion: Quality services at payswix with no regrets

You are guaranteed to enjoy cutting-edge services when you onboard with payswix. So, wait no more and proceed to register your application because payswix has got you covered

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