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Chief Risk Officer / Risk Officer

About us:

Here at Payswix, ambition is contagious. Our goal is to enable you to drive your own development. We have the freedom to create, explore, and innovate. When energy and sincerity have a place to prosper, it helps create a solid team, consisting of diverse talents, competencies, and skills.

Job description:
  • Monitor and improve the existing Risk Management Framework (RMF);
  • Promote awareness of the RMF by coordinating and delivering risk management training to all the Company employees and the Management Board;
  • Regularly review and update relevant Risk management procedures and policies;
  • Coordinate and maintain the Risk Management systems and registers;
  • Contribute to the Company’s strategic management and business planning processes, ensuring the process for managing risks is integrated with strategic planning and management;
  • Ensure proper and timely implementation of risk mitigation measures;
  • Ensure compliance with relevant legal acts, Risk Management guidelines, and Bank of Lithuania requirements, including the Company’s policies and procedures;
  • Identify, analyse and monitor the Company’s risk management issues and trends, including compliance issues;
  • Prepare quarterly and yearly Risk Management reports for the Company’s Management Board;
  • Provide an independent assessment of risk management practices and the control environment;
  • Support relevant stakeholders in Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and testing;
  • Support relevant stakeholders in conducting Outsourcing risk assessments and associated controls;
  • Ensure proper and timely reporting to Regulators on risk-related matters;
  • Maintain the company’s Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) and ensure timely and accurate reporting of them.
  • At least 2 years of experience in the Risk Management field, preferably in a Banking or EMI environment;
  • Have a solid understanding of the Risk Management concepts and framework design models;
  • Work experience in creating and/or maintaining a risk management framework as 2nd line of defence officer;
  • Ability to draft extensive and detailed documents in line with regulation;
  • Ability to conduct independent risk assessments;
  • Have a solid understanding of Risk Management best practices in the industry;
  • Ability to prepare and conduct employee training;
  • Ability to adapt to changing regulatory and operational landscape;
  • Experience in working with Outsourcing and Business Continuity Planning (BCP);
  • Proficient in professional English.
Company offers:
  • 2500-3000 €/mon. net
  • Opportunities for professional development and personal growth;
  • Team building events, summer/winter parties;
  • Possibility to partly work remotely;
  • Pension compensation for the 2nd stage;
  • Loyalty program with additional vacation days;
  • Health insurance;
  • Friday Lunch and snacks in the office.