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Agency Program

Don’t wait for the bank to finally issue your EMI license.

We got you covered. Apply for the Agency program, work under our license, use the benefits and expand your business in many different directions in no time.

Building your own Fintech business

Applying for payswix Agency Program

Takes around 1-2 yearsTakes around 2-3 months
Large starting capital and resourcesBrand Logo
OfficesExperienced compliance officers
Membership with SEPA and SWIFTMarketing, Sales & Customer Support departments
AML & CTF systems 
Compliance department with MLRO 
Multiple departments (Operations, Legal, IT, Customer Support, Marketing, Sales, etc.) 
Frontend and Backend development 
And all the rest. 

Agency program
package contains:

  • EMI Activity
  • Designated customer monitoring and onboarding systems
  • IBAN issuance
  • Euro zone and cross-border transfers
  • Prepaid Cards
  • Foreign exchange
  • API integration
  • Branding rights
  • Frontend and Backend interfaces

Take the full advantage of expert work.

Don’t waste your time and enormous resources when you can get on board with payswix. Our developers have the focus and expertise to make the product as good as possible, bearing in mind your preferences and making your brand of the best quality. Moreover, our qualified compliance and support teams will always be here to give the best advice.