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Prepaid cards

Explore limitless possibilities with by getting your own contactless payswix prepaid card with full access to account funds for everyday expenses

( Only for business account type )

Contactless and Fast Payments

payswix prepaid cards provide the ability to make smooth contactless payments or withdraw your funds at numerous ATMs worldwide.


payswix cards will be fully protected and carefully monitored by a designated security team to give you an additional protection while purchasing.

Instant Access

As the product will be linked to your payswix account, it will allow you to access, operate or instantly freeze your card whenever you want.

Payments in Multiple Currencies

The main currency of the card is euro, but you can make payments or withdraw cash in various currencies.

Separate IBAN

payswix provides the ability to create a separate IBAN to keep your funds intended for prepaid card payments only.

Card issuance fee
Free of charge
Fee for purchases in the currency of the card
0.30 EUR
Fee for purchases in other currencies
0.57 EUR + 2.5%
Fee for domestic ATM withdrawal
1.92 EUR
Fee for non-domestic ATM withdrawal
2.82 EUR +2.5%
Prepaid Card load fee
(from account to prepaid Card account)
0,5% + 1 EUR
Prepaid card unload fee
Monthly card fee
5.00 EUR