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Prepaid card for everyday expenses

What is a prepaid card?

Prepaid cards are an alternative to carrying money around and are often known as everyday cards. Just open a bank account and enjoy the security that comes with cashless transactions.

Prepaid cards are a convenient way to pay for purchases without carrying cash. You can use them wherever a major credit card is accepted, and you can get cash from ATMs. Prepaid cards also offer the benefit of being safer than carrying cash around, which is vulnerable to theft and loss.

Prepaid cards allow you to deposit money onto the card in advance, which means you only spend what you load onto your card. The best-prepaid cards have similar features to those of a checking account, including direct deposit, access to online bill payment, and a debit card.

What are the benefits of a Prepaid Debit card?

P艂atno艣ci zbli偶eniowe i szybkie

Karty p艂atnicze payswix umo偶liwiaj膮 dokonywanie p艂ynnych p艂atno艣ci zbli偶eniowych lub wyp艂acanie 艣rodk贸w w wielu bankomatach na ca艂ym 艣wiecie.

Contactless payments help you pay for goods and services quickly and conveniently by simply holding your card against a checkout terminal.

One of the main advantages of contactless payment is its speed – there’s no need to enter a PIN, so you can check out faster. It’s also more secure than cash – if your card is lost or stolen, it can be easily blocked through your payswix account and then replaced.


payswix cards will be fully protected and carefully monitored by a designated security team to give you additional protection while purchasing.

Natychmiastowy dost臋p

With the use of a payswix card, you can now easily transfer money and access your funds within seconds. In fact, with a payswix card, you can get access to your card without even going to a bank or an ATM. Everything is online!

Poniewa偶 produkt zostanie powi膮zany z kontem payswix, zapewni dost臋p, obs艂ug臋 lub natychmiastowe zamro偶enie karty, kiedy tylko zechcesz.

P艂atno艣ci w wielu walutach

The main currency of the payswix prepaid card is Euro, but you can make payments or withdraw cash in a variety of them: USD, EUR, GBP, SEK, DKK, NOK, etc. You don’t need to convert anything beforehand.

Oddzielny IBAN

payswix provides the ability to create a separate IBAN to keep your funds intended for prepaid card payments only. This allows you to manage your money more efficiently and it is useful for tracking and reporting purposes, as well as for ensuring that you have the correct amount of funds available for your prepaid card transactions.

Where can you use a prepaid card?

Currently, payswix offers prepaid cards for business customers only. The use of prepaid cards depends on the merchant. In general, most merchants accept prepaid cards in the same manner as they accept credit cards. The uses of prepaid cards are similar to those of regular credit cards, but you don’t need a credit history and the approval process is simpler.

Explore limitless possibilities by getting your own contactless payswix prepaid card with full access to account funds for everyday expenses!

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