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Cross-Border Payments and Remittances with Fintech

This is a burning question that lives in the mind of most business owners/entrepreneurs. It may sound ambiguous, but this concept simply means financial transactions that take place between parties that are in different countries. Think of it like sending a parcel from your country to another country, only in this situation you are sending money. The world keeps getting smaller with the advancement of technology so this means that business transactions now take place on the daily between parties located not just across different countries but across different continents.

Fintech Solutions for Cross-Border Payments

So, this is the part where payswix comes in. We are revolutionizing cross-border payments with our innovative technologies; in fact, we have gone trans-continental! What does that even mean, you ask; Stay with me okay? Payswix through its numerous payment solutions have built tailored experiences that will suit both individuals, companies, and other financial institutions! How amazing is that! It does not matter the category you fall in, payswix has a solution that will fit you.

Your Cross-Border Payments and Payswix

We have worked tirelessly to develop cost effective ways for you to send money abroad at driven-down rates which means you save money when you make transfers with us as opposed to the traditional methods where it costs an arm and a leg to send international wire transfers. I must highlight also how payswix via our top-tier technology, ensures that your cross-border transfers are done very fast as in as fast as in real time or at most as near to real-time as possible. In our past write-up, we talked about how our onboarding procedure is very fast so now you also know that our payment processes are just as fast.

Security and Transparency

Payswix ensures that your cross-border payments actioned with us are as secure as possible and transparent as the day. When you onboard with us, we present you with fees from the get-go that apply to any type of transactions you will be doing with us. The upside is that the fees can only go down and never up. So, this means that with us you are never worried that at some time your fees will be driven up.

Conclusion: Cross-Border payment made easy

I will conclude this article with fingers crossed that you have become more aware of how you can trust payswix with your cross-border payments knowing that you will get the best prices while enjoying the best solutions. To know more, please keep an eye out on our articles section, however to know and ‘’experience more’’ kindly use to register an account for yourself/your company and let us take you beyond.

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